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Monkey Bizzness HOCKLEY -

Terms of Booking For Parties


When booking a party at Monkey Bizzness HOCKLEY, you are confirming that you accept and understand the following Terms of Booking.

Party numbers and extras must be confirmed no later than 24 hours before your party.

If you have confirmed party numbers and the cold food buffet has been prepared for this amount of children, you may be liable to pay the full price of the buffet if less than the confirmed number of children attend the party.

The minimum party size is 10 children, or 8 children for weekday parties. The maximum party size is 20 children in our ‘Superhero and Princess Room,’ and 30 children in our ‘Disco Room.’ These numbers will never be exceeded for Health and Safety reasons.

Only 1 adult per child plus 5 extra adults for regular party packages allowed. If you are expecting more than this please speak to a member of staff where we can try to accommodate as many as possible.

 At least 1 adult accepting responsibility per 10 guests must be present, with a maximum of 4 adults being allowed in party rooms at any one time. Therefore, as an example, in a ‘Superhero Room’ the maximum number of people allowed inside at any given time would be 20 children and 4 adults. For all issues relating to party capacity, management’s decision is final, and the above rules are subject to change at any time.

Please remind your guests to wear socks upon arrival.

The form with your party host’(s’) name(s) and age(s) must be handed to a member of staff no later than 10 minutes before your party start time.

Please note that anyone over 4’10" will be playing at their own risk! The café counter will be open for all drinks & snacks. Buffet food must be pre-ordered before event. During an exclusive hire our kitchen will not be open, but drinks and snacks will be available from the cafe.

All guests are ultimately the responsibility of the adults hosting the party, if any conflict or problems with any party guests occur and the staff are unable to resolve the situation, we expect the host to ensure all guests are behaving in an appropriate manner. If the host is unable to resolve the situation Monkey Bizzness will end the party and ask all guests to leave the premises.

No alcohol is allowed in the building at any time, any guest seen with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises.

MB Party package prices include the following:  Unlimited jugs of squash – Invitations - 1 hour 30 minutes of play - 30 minutes of eating time

Buffet food consists of the following:  Ham, cheese and jam sandwiches - Crisps - Cocktail sausages - Pizza strips -  Seasonal vegetable sticks – A selection of biscuits & sweets

You may bring your own cakes. Unless it is a private hire please bring a NUT FREE cake. Candles permitted in party rooms only! No knives! No sparklers!

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us well in advance of your party or speak to your party host upon arrival to ensure that you get the best possible experience.

We need a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to cater for all allergies - we may not have a full range of suitable food available if this notice is not provided.

If you need to isolate due to covid we can transfer your party to another date free of charge. We do ask that you remind parents with siblings attending that they will need to book the siblings onto the play session using our book now link on . Although we try to reserve slots, a space is not always guaranteed for siblings to come and play.

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